Tim Gale, President & CEO, AMS Group
Tim Gale has over 30 years of experience in senior management in the U.S. defense industry. In addition to his work with Allied and the AMS Group, Tim has also served as CEO/President of several US-based joint ventures with European companies seeking to expand their presence in the U.S. Such companies include GEC (UK), Alstom (France) and MAN B&W (Germany).

Bob Cursio, Senior Vice President, Logistics, AMS Group  
Bob Cursio is a retired Colonel (0-6), US Army with Army sub-specialty in Operational Logistics and Acquisition Management.  Bob managed the US Special Operations Command, Special Operations Support Activity (SOFSA) in support of Special Operations Logistics inclusive of CH-47’s UH-60’s, Little Bird Helicopter, C-130 Gunships, and the CV-22 fleet while assigned to the US Special Operations Command. 

Robert Janssen, President, Northern Defense Industries, Inc.
Rob Janssen is a retired Navy Commander with 20 years of carrier-based aviation experience. Rob held several leadership positions in the Navy and worked for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a dynamic multinational environment, generating military capability through acquisition and requirements development.

Jim DevlinChief Revenue Officer, AMS Group
Jim Devlin has over 35 years experience as a senior executive in the IT industry. He has held leadership positions in Fujitsu and with latterly Invensys, serving as President of Invensys Home Controls. Since 2005, Jim has worked with early stage businesses in executing growth strategies and investment plans. Prior to joining the AMS Group, Jim served as President of Earthwater Technologies.

Andy Meecham, Chief Technology Officer
Andy Meecham has twenty years experience designing, implementing and testing maritime security systems. He has a global reputation in marine sensors and has led the design and development of numerous advanced systems. Prior to joining NDI, Andy held senior technical roles at several world-leading sensor manufacturers, performed operational analysis and weapon modeling for the government, and developed software for the nuclear power industry.

John Halinski, Vice President, Business Development
John Halinski is the former Deputy Administrator/Deputy Assistant Secretary of the TSA. He also served as chief technical security advisor for the Department of State on aviation security matters and as the US Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization for aviation security and a member of the AVSEC Panel. John is a retired Marine officer with 25 years of service in the intelligence and special operations field. John serves on the Board of Advisors for Marymount University and is a senior fellow at George Washington University.

Brian Buzzell, Vice President, Business Development
Brian Buzzell is a retired Captain (0-6), USN Naval Aviator with a Navy sub-specialty in Aerospace Acquisition Management. Brian managed the LAMPS MK 1 (SH-2F/G) and MK III (SH-60B) programs while assigned to the Pentagon as well as initiated and funded the SH-60R/S follow-on development and procurement program.  Prior to joining NDI, Brian was Managing Partner of Creative Team Concepts LLC, a DoD basing and facility management advisory group and served as President of Sunrise-Sunset LLC, a Five Guys Burgers & Fries 30 store franchise for the state of Wisconsin.